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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger had it all....right?

What the world trumpets as sufficient for happiness, actor Heath Ledger had in superabundance: People Magazine's Top 100 Beautiful People, critical accolades, box office success, role offers, a string of gorgeous women, and, most poignant of all, a beautiful young daughter.

But he killed himself.  And let's assume in charity that he was suffering from depression or drug addiction.  

But dammit, couldn't he have hung on for that precious little girl's sake?  People in far worse shape manage to crawl into rehab...

May the Lord Jesus Christ come to meet him and be merciful to him, and to all those who throw away God's greatest gift.

Monday, January 14, 2008

How Canadians differ from Americans, No. 9,298,769

Now that I'm back from our Nova Scotia Christmas vacation, I can say I noticed another difference between Canucks and Yanks: Only 50% of Yanks hate President Bush's guts.

Clarification on Mormonism

A com box contributor formerly named Anonymous, now known as truthisgood, thinks I am guilty of spreading lies and bearing false witness, in reference to publishing Brigham Young's (alleged?) statement about making the American people swallow Mormonism. This quote is mentioned in at least two other sources, E.A. Folk's The Story of Mormonism, and One Nation Under Gods by Abanes.

Truthisgood's proof of my false-witness-bearing is a line from a 1911 New York Times edition claming he may not have said it.

Okay. I hereby concur that he may not have said it. Which to my mind is the same as granting that may have said it. (But, again, he may not have.)

Still, despite how nice the majority of Mormons are, I think Mormonism is a false religion, and now await the charge of hatred and bigotry.