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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Whether we lost the war is T.B.A.

....but we sure lost the battle over "gay" "marriage." Here is a sample of how we got here.

With all due deference, Cardinal Ambrozic's press release offers too little too late, to say the least. I don't disagree with the words, but they're no substitute for actions that should have begun long ago. Show of hands from my Canadian readers: have you ever in your life ever heard a homily against homosexual "marriage" from any pulpit anywhere?

Are you too chicken to oppose it at dinner parties? (Opposing anything except opposition is the defining Canadian virtue, dontcha know.) Of course, there have been some heroic exceptions to the pathological niceness but are rarely backed by fellow leaders in and out of the Church.

Do you think Canadian children are going to be edified knowing that they have a choice to marry a boy or a girl when they grow up? Do you think there might just be a few teensy bad side effects attached to radically redefining a 3000-year-old social institution?

Most important, do you think Paul Martin is accurate in his claim that churches, synagoques and mosques will be exempt from persecution/prosecution if they forbid Adam n' Steve nuptials?

Think again.


Anonymous Gudrun said...

As a Canadian I too am appalled at the recent same-sex (so-called) marriage.

In the midst of this dark cloud of immorality that has swept over this land, there are still bright lights of faith and of hope. Gratefully, our Archbishop has had every priest in the archdiocese read, from the pulpit, the true definition of marriage. Our parish priest is a real dynamo when it comes to all of the world's controversial issues of homosexuality, pornography, contraception, stem cell research and cloning. We have had people leave the parish as a result of his teachings. (Truth hurts - when you’re not open to it) But as he so fitting ended one of his homilies "It is not the church that has a problem with 'sex', it's the world." Now that the new “hate crimes” bill has been passed, he has also informed the parishioners, from the pulpit, that there may be a day where he is arrested for speaking against homosexuality in public.

As Catholics we do need to defend truth with boldness. However in our efforts we may not overlook those who are bright lights and beacons of hope and truth in our day. Many, especially the youth, have responded to our late Pope John Paul's commission. That is to become the Saints of this new millennium. John Paul also told the youth at World Youth Day in Toronto that although there are some weak priests in the church that are sick and need help, there is a great number that are faithful and need our support.

John Paul II, pray for us! Amen

9:26 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Great for you to live under a strong Archbishop and bold pastor. 98% of your fellow Catholics do not. I know the bright lights need praise and support. Which diocese, may I ask, so I can praise and support them? So many Canadian shepherds behave either as wolves or shepherds on sleeping pills.

In addition to John Paul II's prayers, we need Benedict XVI's actions.

2:01 PM


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