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Monday, September 19, 2005

The End is nigh

Uh oh.

Catholic World News is reporting that the imperious, homophobic cabal that has temporarily taken over the normally pastorally sensitive Church of The Council (the only Council deserving of the article "The") are set to begin the much-feared and self-evidently unjust crackdown on sincere, dedicated, pious, chaste, orthodox gay seminarians. Is there any other kind?

Some in St. Blog's are not going to like this. No, no nooooo.

As my readers know, I think it's high time. on earth the official visitators and vocation committee experts will be able to determine how SSA is too much SSA, and how far in the past is far enough, remains a mystery to me.


Blogger islandcatholic said...

It appears that B16 is clearly reiterating Church policy on the issue of homosexuality. I wonder will the wording of this new document be any stronger than the previous statements from the Vatican, i.e. will it be forbidden to accept SSA candidates or simply that they "shouldn't" be accepted?
In any case those who criticize this policy or claim that the Church is wrong must be reminded that if they are to be faithful Catholics then thay must form their consciences, statements, and actions in accordance with Church teaching. To do otherwise is to join the ranks of dissenters whose agenda is contrary to Christ.

7:23 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

I'm with you islandcatholic. I'm not exactly sure, though, of the difference between shouldn't and musn't. I have a feeling the Instruction is going to go beyond a nice suggestion.

BTW, is that PEI? If so, I spent six childhood summers in Cavendish. Absolutely heavenly.

8:08 PM

Blogger islandcatholic said...

PEI is nice, but it gets better the further east you go. The isle is Newfoundland. In fact, I live in a small town named "Paradise." How's that for heavenly?

10:03 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Ah, it's good for a Catholic to live on The Rock. Newfies are great.

10:36 PM

Blogger tim said...

I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm sure the document will be forceful enough and hopefully concise in it's language enough to convey the Vatican's view on homosexual priest ( NO Homosexual Priest).

However, as we've seen what happened with Vatican II documents, it all depends on those that interpret them.

I'm afraid having seen this selection process (experienced it), those in power in this selection process won't be too willing to except it.

Unless the church somehow replaces those individuals, I have concern as to how fully this new document will be obeyed.

I will pray for the fruits of this document and Christ's Church...and for the shepherds that God has entrusted to guide it.
tim +<><

7:40 AM

Blogger Patrick said...


"Unless the church somehow replaces those individuals.."


And I agree with you re: actually, uh, *implementing* perfectly clear directives. "Cautiously optimistic" about sums my stance as well.

4:06 PM

Anonymous PC said...

I recall hearing that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has banned gay seminarians for a number of years. Does anyone know how successful that has been (or not)? Have more candidates entered the seminaries there now that these are no longer sex clubs for gay men ?

10:58 PM

Anonymous B Knotts said...

This has the potential to be a great help to vocations, as it will dissolve the homosexual culture that has been allowed to build up around the seminaries and the priesthood.

But, as others point out, its success is dependent on the strength of the language used in the document, and the willingness of the bishops to abide by Rome's wishes (and Rome's willingness to enforce the rules on bishops).

6:42 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

PC, don't know about the situation in the city of *brotherly love*.

B knotts, yes and yes. As I recall, we also have Humanae Vitae and Lumen Gentium both of which relate to obedience to Church teaching and to the very nature of what is is to be a Catholic.

So much for documents alone....

7:26 AM

Blogger tim said...

Here's an example of those in charge of the process.

Words (Documents) are one thing and actions are another.

tim +<><

7:45 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

The blog LA Catholic reports tales like Kurt's day in and day out.


8:54 AM

Blogger Dad29 said...

According to Whispers in the Loggia, (a blog run by a Philly-area priest) there have been a couple of homosexuals ordained in Philly since 'the ban' took effect.

6:33 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

The new screening stringency (how I dislike that ol' word ban) will not be retroactively applied. We're also dealing with a matter of degrees, as I'm sure you know.

Are you sure Rocco Palma is a priest?

9:45 AM


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