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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Michael Jackson: son of a victicrat

Michael Jackson won't live in the US again.

Or so says his father -- the same Jackson Sr. who was credibly accused of repeatedly beating his famous son with a belt -- who also says he wouldn't blame him for not coming back because "they didn't treat him right" when he was at Neverland.

Let's see here: Michael Jackson's long-standing penchant for young boys, his pornography collection of obese women and "barely legal teens," and his apparent generosity in giving liquor to minors, ended in....acquittal!

Not to mention that his legion of Kool-Aid drinker fans tearfully shouted his innocence every day. Not to mention hes been warmly invited to sing on a Hurricane Katrina relief single along with indicted child rapist (21 counts) and self-videographer R. Kelly, and fellow porn entrepreneur/rapper Snopp Dogg.

May God bless and keep Michael Jackson, far from us.


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