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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cardinal. Sin.

Domenico Bettinelli makes a good point about Cardinal Mahoney's recent sycretistic Democrat pow-wow over at Our Lady of the Angles Mausoleum and Gift Shop. (Blogger is not letting me post a picture, or else I'm screwing up). Turn the incident around. Make it Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz (without the "interfaith" cohorts) and make the politician, say, Rick Santorum. An conservative bishop publically, er, praying over Republican mayor-elect?

Can't you hear the sound of a thousand ACLU lawyers having apoplectic fits over the destructon of the Thrice Holy Wall separating Church and State? But His Eminence not only gets a pass from his media enablers, but is praised as broadminded and tolerant. Talk about two sets of rules.

Is it just me or is there momentum building across the LA pews of St. Blog's and elsewhere to organize a petition to have Mahoney removed from his post? Every orthodox Catholic in Los Angeles can tell you a dozen horror stories. One doesn't take pleasure in saying it, but the rot starts at the top. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles will never, ever, ever prosper spiritually or morally under Mahoney, a prelate who may well follow the Law: Cardinal Law.

But, since the belfry tower at the Cathedral is made of both ivory and teflon, forget writing complaint letters to him. Archdiocesan spokeshole Tod Tamberg will only reply that the Cardinal is doing a wunnnnderful job (see the post below about the vice of effeminacy).

This looks like a job for B 16.



Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

I'm sure the Holy See has been watching Cardinal Mahoney... I wonder how many more strikes he gets! Distressing news from LA definitely. And oh! That ugly egocentric cathedral!!

3:00 AM

Blogger Clayton said...

B 16 would certainly be helpful, but remember the words of our Lord: some things are only driven out by prayer and fasting.

5:51 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Paul: I've noticed that the prelates who sell the Zero Tolerance/No Exceptions policy are the most suspicious ones of all. Freud would call it psychic overcompensation.

Is it so wrong to pray that The Big One -- say, a 9.9 Richter temblor -- concentrate itself in a one-acre area near the 5 freeway....? Would love to see it crumble.

Clayton: Yes, you're right. I submit we need all three: P, F and a rescue job from B 16.

3:44 PM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

Spokeshole? Patrick, I love it!

I am so glad you have your own blog. I could read you every day of the week!

8:26 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Mother of all midwest moms! How great to hear from you. Shucks, you make me feel like a real live celebrity. Stay tuned for more thrills and spills! I'm just trying to feel my way through the "other side" of blogging, and am looking for wasy to increase my traffique.

8:33 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

A visit to the cathedral shortly after it was consecrated was suprisingly refreshing. I hated it before I saw it, but I ended up thinking it was actually sort of nice and, dare I say, inspiring. The woven tapestry above the baptismal "pool" was impressive as was the crypt. I also found the makeshift side chapel dedicated to the vicitims of sexual abuse to be particularly moving. A plain cross constructed of what looked like 4x4s and the pictures of victims pinned to it. I wish that a-hole in pretty dresses would make a visit to it.

11:53 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Maybe you missed it, but I found the sight of Cardinal Mahoney's secretive photo-op praying at the sexual abuse shrine, um, uninspiring, even repellent given his role in shuffling (admitted!!!!!) pervert predators from parish to parish. I find the irony tinged with a foul sickness.

And how 'bout that Stepford Wife Blessed Mother Statue? De gustibus non est disputandem.

5:54 PM


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