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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hey hey, ho ho, sanctimony has got to go!

Canadian Ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, has stretched the definition of ambassadorship farther than Reed Richards after a good night's sleep. My Home and Native Ambassador told The Toronto Star (Canada's largest leftie newspaper) that the one million or so Canadians living in the "Canadian diaspora" are in need of his ammo when debating those pesky Americans.

But most importantly, he says, Canadians in the U.S. should counteract Fox News, alleging that the network often spreads disinformation and creates a false picture of his homeland.

"We know we're a bit of prey for the Fox News type of shows," he told the Star.

The ambassador said he has sent out 6,000 pieces of literature to Canadians in his battle with Fox, and plans to mail to some 100,000 Canadians in the weeks ahead.

McKenna said he launched this campaign because "having dinner every month or two with some interesting people is not enough to move" Washington.

"We have to be careful that we're not sanctimonious. We have to recognize the United States has assumed a different role in the world than us and it's a role we're not prepared to play.

"So we shouldn't be so judgmental about a country that has chosen to play that role."

Hey hey, ho ho, sanctimony has got to go!

"Prey for shows like Fox News?" Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A of the classic Canadian paranoia towards views that don't jibe with the CBC protocols for Correct Thought.

Count me out, Frank. Does it not occur to you that Canadians live and prosper here thanks to the largesse of the United States? That Americans almost never bring up Canada unless a Canadian jump starts the topic? That Canadians working in the US generally love it here?

How about upping your dinner invite schedule to nightly? That'll surely move Washington. Sushi one night, then Thai, then Italian.

Yes, Frank McKenna is changing hearts and minds, one tummy at a time. Hat tip to Kathy Shaidle.


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