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Monday, October 31, 2005

Slurs, slurs, everywhere and not a thought to think

Imagine if a Supreme Court nominee was Jewish. Would anyone in the media dare dismissively refer to him as GinsburgStein or some such? A different standard for the Catholic (and Italian) Samuel Alito...

Then again, Republicans should get out of the slur paranoia business. That's Democrat territory.


Blogger Tito said...

This is a great day for orthodox-traditional-conservative-catholic-Catholic Christians!

11:43 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Does it disturb you that Mr. Alito has voted pro-choice on several occasions?

7:54 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Are you asking tito?

11:06 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Supreme Court Justices do not vote. They interpret the Constitution. If a law against abortion is found to be unconstitutional he must strike it down. There are two remedies to this. Rewrite the part of the law that was found to be Constitutionally objectionable or amend the Constitution.

10:45 PM


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