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Friday, March 17, 2006

Rivers o ' green

Happy St. Patrick's Day. What an honor to have a day named for me. I shall be celebrating in Hollywood at Tom Bergin's Irish Pub with good friends, including loyal Seize the Dei com box contributor Joe McCool (me? jealous of that it's his real name?)


Anonymous justine said...

Happy belated feast day, Patrick!

6:40 AM

Anonymous joe said...

That was a great time and thanks for the cigar. It was definitely not enough time to drink Guinness and my other favorite Irish beer Smithwick's. But we had enough time to solve all the world's problems. So that was good. You’re getting damn good at those cards tricks too!

BTW Patrick, happy Saint Joseph's Day. I've got another feast day and a baptism to celebrate. It’s great being Catholic. It's to bad you and the family can't make it. I hope Mariella is doing well.

JD McCool

9:52 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks Justine. Is there a saint Justine, bseides yourself?

Hey "JD" Yeah that was a blast, and as usual waaaay too short. But at least I got myself bounced from the pub so all's not lost.

Have a wonderful baptsim for Emily. God bless.


9:59 AM

Anonymous joe said...

Ha Haa! I forgot about that. That was funny! You did a good job of talking your way back in. Usually it's Joey "The pleb" Griffin that gets thrown out.

10:14 AM

Anonymous Mark said...

Patrick and Mariella, congratulations on on the new addition to your family! Becky and I are doing well down here in San Marcos. We'll be married February 10, 2007, at the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside. I'l have to start chiming in on your blog spot. God Bless, Mark McCambly

6:15 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Well, look who the cat dragged in. Good to hear from you, Marcus. I saw a documentary on Alaska fishermen and thought of you. Brrrrrr!!!

Say Hi to Becky. As you can see we're expanding our tribe, part of a large plan to eventually take over the world thrughthe sheer weight of numbers. ha ha.

God bless you back.

8:39 AM


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