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Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm going to be a father again

It's official (cue sound of champagne uncorking)....

My good wife Mariella is pregnant with Nino Numero Tres!

Thank you, thank you.

We ask for prayers, as Mariella is predisposed for premature delivery. As told here starting on page 20, she did serious battle during her two previous pregancies. When it comes to mothering, my wife was dubbed a prize-fighter by her OB-GYN. To which I would add marathon runner.

Our eldest daughter, Mariclare, age "thwee and a haff," is sure she's getting a baby brudder. But as with our first two babies, we're opting to wait until the day of birth to find out the sex. (Why partly unwrap a Christmas gift in July?)

Ah, a full night's sleep, we hardly knew ya!


Anonymous joe said...

Great news! We'll keep the Mother and the wee one in our prayers.

12:20 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Beauty, eh. Thanks. Hope your tribe is doing well.

1:20 PM

Blogger Jeff Miller said...


4:59 PM

Blogger winston7000 said...

Welcome to the Voyage of a Lifetime! As you are beginning to know now, after the storm follows the sunshine. I only wish that I had started earlier in fatherhood and had a football squad rather than a tag team wrestling duo. I write this as my twenty-year old son who totalled his own car last Friday is out in the rental that I got for him.

St. Pio, Pray for us!

John Hetman
Niles, IL

6:04 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks, too, to Jeff and Winston. Yeah, I showed up late to dadhood as well. I can't wait to be wheeled into my kids' hs graduation.

I'm crazy about my two girls, but a son, well, that would be a very special blessing. In His will, our peace.

8:55 PM

Blogger Domenico said...

Congrats from one expecting dad to another! If you keep having kids, I'm never going to catch up.

And T. Nash says hi. I ran into him at the Boston Men's Conference. *Insert obligatory running pun.*

6:12 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks, Dom. I know how it feels. My friends Joseph and Gabi Griffin have nine kids. Ben and Kandyce Nelson are pregnant with their seventh. I feel like an Upper West Side secularist!

Incidentally, Isaac Griffin, Joe and Gabi's 7-year-old, who starred in that cute Toyota Camry hybrid commercial in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, in case you saw it.

Good old Tommie T. PLEASE God send him a wife!

6:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Patrick P.

11:30 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks, PDP/Anon, you lurker, you.

12:18 PM

Anonymous joe said...


This is off topic but check out this article by Anne Coulter ( regarding Hollywood movie titles.

I think she is reading your blog.


10:01 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Yeah, I saw that article. She still has my vote in 08.

12:20 PM

Anonymous FdS said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What an awesome blessing.

And not to quibble about semantics, but you already ARE a father AGAIN! Let's let our language reflect the truth about human life!

God bless,

3:22 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Well, okay, fds, I agree. I hope I've not imbibed the culture of "fetuses aren't quite human, now, are they?" mentality. My turn of phrase "I'm going *to be* a father has to do with the hands-on reality of commitment, which, rightly or wrongly, a father doesn't quite feel -- how do you say -- concretely when his wife is with child.

Producing a child is easy. Yappy poodles do it all the time. My use of the word father had to do more with the active, sacrificial dimension of relating to the little one. Which hits you fully (subjectively) only after the birth.

Male readers who have kids of their own kids of their own know exactly what I'm talking about.

Thanks for the congrats -- off you a cyber hand-rolled Cohiba!

10:07 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

That should have read "I offer you...". Sorry!

7:48 AM

Anonymous Quintero said...


Congratulations! Ain't Humanae Vitae great?

10:39 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

HV is the BOMB. My wife's surgeon is Tom Hilgers, developer of the Creighton Model of NFP. Saying no to birth control is, by a very strange paradox, a very freeing thing to do.

9:16 AM

Anonymous justine said...

Congrats, Patrick!

5:30 PM

Blogger TCYM Lounge said...

Congrats, Pat!!
And my prayers for you wife too.

10:16 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

So I can count on you nice people for baby sitting, right...?

1:36 PM

Anonymous Quintero said...


Do you mean Creighton's Dr. Hilgers? What a great man! I met him once.

10:14 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

PQ: One and the same. We went to Omaha a couple of times to get treatment and some surgery. I had met him and interviewed him for a Canadian newspaper at a HV conference in Omaha back in 1993.

9:03 AM

Blogger Karen said...

Congratulations!!! One more, and you'll know why I never write any more. Except you'll have to wait until three of them are teens.

Sleep? What is sleep?

12:40 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

I read about sleep somewhere. someting about not being conscious for many hours and everything seems dreamy and fine. Then you do this thing called 'wakingup" in which you feel refreshed and rested.

I have a dim memory of it.

12:59 PM


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