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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vatican momentarily eschews dhimmitude

In a rare display of Vaticanista spine, certain members of the Holy See have risked putting themselves on Al Qaeda's to-do list.


Anonymous Shawne said...

I am curious Patrick... Are there any stats on how much of the earth's population are undecided on religious matters?

This seems to be a religious battle, but what is to gain/prove? If the Pope asks for a reciprocity then the issue at hand is not to prove the superiority of Catholics vs. Muslims. So what is it? I’m confused. Is this a political (religious) battle? I don’t get it.

7:53 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

No surveys on world "religious opinions" exist, only estmates of membership/adherence.

No one is talking about the superiority of Catholics vs Muslims (some Muslims are much better people than many Catholics). The issue is, do Muslims HAVE to kill people and destroy property when they see something they don't like or experience a political decision that doesn't go their way?

if murderous rampages resulted from a few dumb cartoons, can you imagine the Muslim reaction to a movie/book like The Da Vinci Code, ie showing all the early Muslims to be frauds, and Muhammad to have married an ex-hooker?

Does this answer you?

10:12 AM

Anonymous Shawne said...

It answers what I asked, yes. However, it still leaves me with questions.

I appreciate you addressing my complicated questions and concerns with the degree of honesty you do. I feel much better informed and not 'persuaded or coearsed' for hearing you out. Being informed is empowering, being persuaded is not.

I hope that you accept that as a compliment that very few can share, because that is what it is meant to be.

8:59 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Yeah, well, I hope you enjoy THE BURNING LAKE OF FIRE, which is your certainty destiny. HahahahahAAAAA!!!!!

12:34 PM


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