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Monday, January 14, 2008

Clarification on Mormonism

A com box contributor formerly named Anonymous, now known as truthisgood, thinks I am guilty of spreading lies and bearing false witness, in reference to publishing Brigham Young's (alleged?) statement about making the American people swallow Mormonism. This quote is mentioned in at least two other sources, E.A. Folk's The Story of Mormonism, and One Nation Under Gods by Abanes.

Truthisgood's proof of my false-witness-bearing is a line from a 1911 New York Times edition claming he may not have said it.

Okay. I hereby concur that he may not have said it. Which to my mind is the same as granting that may have said it. (But, again, he may not have.)

Still, despite how nice the majority of Mormons are, I think Mormonism is a false religion, and now await the charge of hatred and bigotry.


Anonymous truthisgood said...

Factoring EA Folk was a Baptist who hated Mormons and he originated the quote doesn't give the quote any validation.

We should all spend more time expressing what WE believe instead of spending our time expressing what others believe.

Let's follow Christ's example: love God, love one another, treat our neighbors as ourselves.

Christ said, "Come, follow me" not "Hate your neighbor who provides charity; speak ill of their religion".

I, for one, appreciate how you are willing to accept the facts.

God bless.

1:28 PM

Anonymous truthisgood said...

Here is a link to the Manifesto that Abanes cites in his "One Nation Under Gods".

The quote never appears in the Manifesto.

Many people rely on followers. Followers never read the Bible, they never study the truth, they never research. But followers are good for carrying information on their backs, weighed down by twisted facts or even lies.

Leaders will stand up, throw of the twisted facts and lies and declare that Jesus is the Christ!

So here we have 2 facts:
1) Only after Brigham was dead, did EA Folk, decide to quote Brigham Young
2) An author claims he has an article (which comes 3 years after BY's death), but the quote never appears in the article.

Instead of carrying on our backs twisted facts and lies, let us declare that Jesus is the Christ. Let others who claim they are Christians declare that Jesus is the Christ. Is there wrong in declaring Jesus is the Christ?

Many sects of Christianity believe many peculiar facts that may or may not be true; yet they feed the poor, clothe the naked, and spread peace and goodwill.

Now, as Jesus taught, if there is hypocrisy--a church teaches peace yet all its followers are drug dealers or fornicators, well then we have a problem.

2:02 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

I see you're a valiant defender of Mormonism. Are you a Mormon, truthisgood?

12:25 PM

Anonymous truthisgood said...

I defend everyone. I defend the religious, the homosexual (who could be religious too), I defend the bestial (who could be religious too), I defend the atheist. And I will defend you as long as you report the facts.

I defend the majority and the minority.

Paul Campos said:
Part of this (uncompromising committment) is accounted for by lazy autopilot journalism, which stops people from bothering to check whether the story line they've repeated for years still has any relationship to reality.

I am bothered that in a country where we have free speech, we use it to lie and to bear false witness.

I am bothered by bigots who want gay rights but are offended by bestial rights.

I stand for not one, but for all.

9:30 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

I never asked you who else you defend. I asked whether you were a Mormon. But don't answer my question; fine.

But could you explain what you mean by "bestial rights?" Please answer plainly.

6:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hating the sin (heresy) and loving the sinner (those who believe and practice and spread heresy)are two different things.
Hating the sin (sexual perversion) and loving the sinner (those who believe, practice, and spread sexual perversion) are two different things.

When Christ said "come follow me"...he said it right after saying "...take up your cross". He also said "If you love me, keep my commandments."
God had ONE religion before the coming of His Son. His Son instituted ONE religion after that. He promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. His word is true for all ages. All false religions shall one day be done away with along with all their errors. I pray for that day....especially with the rosary.

7:14 AM


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