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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CBC: all gay, all day, every day, yes way

The CBC has taken great pains recently not to use the value-charged term "terrorist." But pure worship of Almighty Neutrality turns apostate when it comes to, say, reporting on Canada's shiny new "gay" "marriage" "law", which was officially crammed down the throats of all Canadians today. Gotta love the sidebar story titles: Forever and Always and Love and the Law, from CBC TV's The National.

How tender. No gay advocacy here, folks, just objective news reporting. That's it, just keep moving right along, nothing to see here.

According to our founding Prime Minister Sir John A. McDonald (that's Canada's George Washington, for my loyal Yankee readers), the Senate is supposed to function as a sober second thought regarding national legislative issues.

Today, in all charity, it became Paul Martin's bitch.


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