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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Names are destiny

You'll come to notice my interest in names, and how names are often unconscious clues to one's destiny. Take Louise Slaughter for example. Ms. Slaughter is a staunchly pro-abortion Democrat, well-loved by Planned Parenthood for her devotion to the uninterrupted destruction of unborn babies.

Now she's terribly excited about an American Red Cross study that found certain pollutants in the blood of babies in utero. Talk about a jolt of rhetorical energy for the abortion industry. But what's missing from the piece is any sense of context. How many umbilical cords were studied, and from which socio-economical backgrounds? How many similar such "pollutants" are found in the blood of the average adult?

But you know none of this matters. The study will be used by the disciples of Moloch one more reason to clean up that most dirty of environments, the human womb.


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