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Friday, July 08, 2005

FriggING movies

What's with Hollywood's fetish for movie titles made from a present participle followed by the name of the main character? Talk about a trend thatr's ready for retirement. Anyone else notice this? Believe me, this is only a partial list:

* Finding Nemo
* Serving Sara
* Delivering Milo
* Finding Forrester
* Killing Zoe
* Finding Neverland
* Saving Private Ryan
* Remembering the Titans
* Bringing Down the House
* Sleeping With the Enemy
* Raising Helen
* Waiting for Guffman
* Being John Malkovich
* Kissing Jessica Stein
* Finding Graceland
* Being Julia


Anonymous Jeremiah said...

It is actually "Remember the Titans." We could also do this with "journeying" songs at Mass!!!

6:08 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...


You're right on both counts. When I get peevish, my spelling suffers. And And woe unto my devoted readers if I dig into "songs at Mass"! Thanks for dropping by.

7:13 PM

Blogger Non Sum Dignus said...

"songs at Mass" *sigh* Aren't we suppose to sing hymns?

I tell ya what Patrick, could you start another list on how the New and Improved, USCCB Approved, "Spirit of Vatican II", Neo-Catholic Church has whole heartedly embraced the horizontal worship in song!

Can the "I, me, us, we" mentality get any worse?

1. I will raise you up on eagles wings...
2. I am the bread of life...
3. and they'll know we are Christians...
4. You know who I am...
5. Take my hand, Precious Lord
6. we gather together
7. we walk by faith

etc, etc, ad nauseum

Sheesh, and silly me, I always thought God was suppose to be the focal point at Mass.

Dominus Vobiscum, Y'all

4:34 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

non sum:

There IS a horizontal dimension to the holy Mass. My gripe is with an over-stressed horizontal at the expense of the vertical. The Creed begins "credo" which means "I believe" (slightly mistranslated in the Nicene as "We believe"). Should we drop the Creed as a neo-Catholic outrage? Jesus taught us to pray "Our Father" -- is He a spirit-of-Vatican II nutcase?

BTW, half of the hymn quotes you cite are directly from Scripture. "eagle's wings" -- Psalms; "I am the bread of Life" -- words of Jesus; "they'll know you are Christians" St. John the Evangelist" etc.

To say that God is the focal point of the Mass is not to say that we have no place in the divine Liturgy, or that the community is meaningless. Yes, God is the object of worship at Mass, but we are the subject. One of the things that differentiates Catholicism from Protestantism is that the latter tend to be "Jesus and me" only. It won't do. St. Paul speaks almost exclusively about the Church as the body of Christ, His bride, His gathering ("ecclesia" in Greek; "qa'hal" in Hebrew).

One more time, people: balance, balance, balance.

3:04 PM

Blogger Non Sum Dignus said...

No one is calling into doubt the horizontal dimension of Mass. I was simply hoping that you could recognize that the "me" mentality has run amok. Specific example, the "me" songs (not hymns) sung at Mass.

If you imagine for a moment that I dismiss the gathering of faithful as yet another "Spirit of Vatican II outrage", then obviously, you read WAY too deep into my post.

I thought I made it pretty obvious that I was ref'ing to the "over-stressed horizontal at the expense of the vertical" as you put it.

Or do you always over analyze?

One more time, Patrick, focus... focus

5:17 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Here's what I think, non sum: While I agree that WE has overtaken HIM is too many liturgical areas, I think you're being ham-handed. In some ways the Tridentine Mass HAD become more or less over-verticalized. Notice that the Novuis Ordo Mass is now the norm -- and for reasons beyond Masonic/Jewish/Satanist consiprators in the Vatican. If the Tridentine Masses I've attended are any indication, then this is so. No wonder old ladies still tell their rosaries instead of actively participating in the Mass. They were trained to zone out from unintelligible prayers mumbled by inaudible celebrants. As Father Groeshel says, "The old Mass was not said in Latin. It was said in gibberish."

You cite Bible quotes, some of them the very words of Christ, as evidence of neo-Catholic excess. You quibble over the use of the word songs instead of hymns. Takes an over-analyser to know one.

12:11 PM


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