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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The one deadly sin more common than lust

The blogosphere has, in many quarters and for perfectly valid reasons, become litle more than an angry hornet's nest. Yes, a fallen world such as ours -- the Church's human foibles not excepted - creates plenty to be angry about. The trick is to continually ask our Lord to purify our anger, and to ask him to discern whether there are any deeper roots to that anger, which may need to be faced and resolved.

Ronda Chervin serves up a dose of medicine that convicts as much as it illuminates on the issue of anger. (See the anger management link.) Thank God for earthy Jewish wisdom.

Lust and anger can often team up for a rather self-destructive dance. In a provocative essay on the eroticization of rage, Dr. Patrick Carnes says that anger can fuel sexual obsession, especially in cases of betrayal and jealousy. NB: This link contains frank discussion of delicate problems related to sexuality.


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