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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ho. Lee. Sh*t.

First we learned this.

And now this.

Interesting that we now have a new N-word.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable--and yet very believable. The Islamic terrorists want nothing less than 'to change history' as the article suggests, and this means erasing once and for all the 'great Satan' of America.

Amazing how we know that a cataclysmic event like this is being planned, but the mainstream media seems not to connect the dots. It's like we know there is a ticking bomb in the house, but refuse to do something about it.

On a ligher side, may I direct you to the following website. Every traditional Catholic should know about this developing project.

Toronto, Canada

4:55 PM

Anonymous PatrickTahns said...

That's one reason why the MS is in its final death throes.

Thanks for the link, although (no disrespect intended) I'm not wild about adjectives before "Catholic," whether traditional or progressive or conservative etc. All I want to be is in the bosom of the Church, sentire cum ecclesia, sub Petrus.

Glad to hear from a Canuck reader.

7:46 PM

Blogger Dr. Dawg said...

Raving lunacy. My advice? Cover your entire *body* with tinfoil, and take nutrients through a straw.

Good grief.

10:15 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Dr Dawg:

Ah, our leftist "religious tolerance dot org" interlocutor. Thanks for the effort but the comment box has one indispensible minimum rule: you have to make sense.

Good grief indeed.

11:01 AM

Blogger Dr. Dawg said...

Good grief, indeed.

Quoting cranky sources to make the claim that there are already scores of al-Qaeda-controlled nukes in the USA is the stuff of clinically paranoid fantasy.

Your world, and welcome to it. I prefer the real one.

12:47 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

And, look, the doctor's a logician as well. Cranky (a subjective term to begin with) must necessarily mean false or untrustworthy.

The background source on nukes in the US comes from captured Al Qaeda terrorists, but to know that you'd have to have read the piece. The American Hiroshima scenario has been part of Al Qaeda chatter for over decade.

Sir (or are you a madam?), at some point you'll have to leave the Sept 10 mindset behind. It's sad and frightening to behold. Very CBC-ish.

The US-Mexico border is as porous as a Bay of Fundy weir, and Islamofascists are filled with vitriol for infidels like you and me.

But now I'm just being my old clinically paranoid self. Oh, and cranky, too.

1:17 PM


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