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Monday, July 25, 2005

Ten bucks says they don't want to be called Father

A group of nice older Catholic ladies (well, technically ex-Catholic at this point) rented a boat and went up the river this week and got themselves
non-ordained as priests and deacons. Yes, the press love this kind of story because they get to put the word defy in the same sentence as Vatican. But the curious part is the last sentence:

The Catholic church asked local priests not to comment on the event.

This likely refers to the local bishop, but my question is, Why can't local priests comment? If the teaching is in accord with the will of Christ and/or defensible to anyone who asks, isn't this debacle actually a teaching moment? Wouldn't it serve as rich fodder for next Sunday's homily?

Oh, priests can't comment. Meaning no disrepect, but I thought the best remedy for confusion is clarity. Is it any wonder so many Catholics become confused, stay confused, and then act confused?

What is not preached is not believed. Discuss.


Anonymous B Jerabek said...

Maybe these local priests are supporters of women's "ordination", and the bishop knows about it, hence the silencing, lest they only contribute to the confusion?

7:44 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

And all the people said, "bingo." At least this could be a partial explanation...

9:22 AM

Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

9 more deluded women... sigh!

10:24 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Amazing how the oddball actions of a teeny tiny sliver of a teeny tiny minority should so dominate a bored summer media.

10:52 AM

Anonymous NS said...

You might be interested in this tidbit of information from a Toronto Star article(headline is below). Even reporters with an axe to grind can't hide all the salient facts:

"Some women at the recent Ottawa conference didn't want to be identified publicly for fear of
losing their jobs with the Church, she said."

That tells you a lot about the women who are behind this initiative. There might be a lot of nuns absent from their chancery jobs last week.


Nine Catholic women to be 'ordained' today
Ceremony pushes for female priests
Officiating `bishops' ousted from Church


Gananoque - The road by the entrance to this tourist
town near Kingston is lined with motels advertising
pools and plasma TVs. It's hardly the place you'd
expect to find a religious revolution ....

8:37 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

All these nuns (and their feminist agenda) are known, fed, nurtured, and paid by their bishops -- which is kinda the problem.

Hey, at least The Star had enough sense to put quotes around ordained and bishops.

8:20 AM


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