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Friday, September 30, 2005

We've seen the future of marriage in Canada

And it looks awfully Dutch.

"A fourth person would not be allowed in their marriage," says the groom of his two brides.

No way. That would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

And they mocked the argumentum ad Santorum that "gay" "marriage" would grease the slippery slope toward acceptance of polygamy and other undesirables.

Logic has that annoying way of catching up with you, eh.

Next at bat: sibling-sibling marriage.

Warming up in the bullpen: NAMBLA-style marriage.

It's only a matter of time.


Anonymous joe mccool said...

The groom looks like Dr. Evil

11:26 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Pronounced Eeeeevil.

12:06 PM

Blogger A. Carlton Sallet said...

"Next at bat: sibling-sibling marriage."

Well, that one would be imported from from down south, wouldn't it? Geeesh, Canada can't take all the credit for coming up with this stuff!

4:40 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

The American depravity scene, while no slouch, is not nearly as far gone as the Canadian. What some voters in Oregon or Massachusetts vote in democratically is not the same as what a judicial and political oligarchy imposes by fiat...All led by one of the Catholic Church's most prominent false friends, Paul Martin, and lest we forget, originally inspired by another: Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and sanctioned and helped along by even more such as Ed Broadbent, Joe Clark and John Turner.

Heaven help my home and native land.

At least American perversion is ushered in by earnest hedonists with no Christian scandal to give.

3:33 PM


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