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Saturday, October 01, 2005

A question I have for God

I'm an absolute baby when it comes to getting a cold or flu. Embarrassingly wimpy. I now have a cold, probably related to the forest fire micro-pollutants that are currently floating around the Los Angeles area. My wife got it, too (as did our three-year-old) the same day the smokey plumes of the Topanga Canyon fire made their ominous way into our valley. There's an odd haze in the air like fog save no humidity.

I don't understand the point of colds. Character development? Lessons in patience, or on ultimate dependence upon the divine Physician? Beats me.

All I know is, having one sucks.


Anonymous midwestmom said...

Suck it up, Patrick! You sound like my husband. When he has a cold, he is dying.

Claritin works well if you're all stuffed up. Alka Seltzer is good for clearing you up before bed.

And liquor. Hard liquor. (=

10:59 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

No one can take away my right to moan endlessly over comparitively small sufferings!

Uh, which hard liquor do you recommend?

11:10 AM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

I change my mind. Go to your nearest Chinese restaurant and ask for some hot mustard packets. This is an organic way to burn out your sinus cavity.

3:51 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

No speakee the Chinee. Me want 18-year-old Scotch. Me go blow my nose. Again.

4:09 PM

Blogger magsexton said...

Hi Patrick. You asked if I wanted to be called Mrs.Sexton. Mag is fine. I am married and my husband and I are the parents of eleven children - Catholic, Careless and lustful. Two of our children went to meet their Eternal reward. We have one grandchild - a grand daughter called Edith. She's only two years old but is so smart that it scares me. She's a knockout to look at (hands up those grandparents who have ugly grandchildren)but we're not surprised because her daddy is not too bad to look at - when he's not growling. His name is Patrick. Edith's mommy is a smash. She's Italian and is beautiful. I promise not to boast ever again

I am a political activist and want to bring Christian principles to the Public Square. Re your questions for God, mine is "What's the point of the Liberal Party unless it's in expiation for our sins?"

9:52 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Mag: a pleasure to "meet" you. You write with such a youthful and spritely tone, I'd have never guessed that your offspring have offspring. Fret ye not about boasting. We have two kids under three and counting. Two knock-out princesses. Their momma is a Peruvian queen, so if their virtues match their beauty, they'll be canonizable.

Amen to your Liberal Party speculation. Funny.

BTW, I support an exception to the Church's opposition to human cloning if it means we get 100 more Fred Henrys to sit on diocesan cathedras.

10:47 AM


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