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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anglican priestess steps in it.

A Christmas stamp with a Christian theme is a nice idea, but despite the apologia from the female priest who designed the stamp, seventeenth century art was not immune to kitch.

Making all the characters in the nativity scene into Hindus -- especially in a religiously illiterate culture -- obscures more than it illuminates.


Blogger Clayton said...

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick - how old fashioned of you to worry about something like obscurity!

Obscurity and ambiguity are always good, and always, in an unqualified way, indicate deep and true mysticism.

Clearly you haven't been keeping up with the insights of the religious left, the spirituality of the labyrinth, etc. etc.

6:02 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

I know. I hate myself. Oh, wait ---- all hate is wrong, and no one can really define the "self." What I meant was, I have a severe love deficit toward the social construct we collectively agree is the "me" behind physical appearances.

I must learn to better detest the destination, and love the journey more. Which is just one reason why the venerable C of E has always been a siren temptress for me.

11:01 AM


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