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Monday, January 30, 2006

Antidote to dhimmitude?

The big ol' AM station here in Los Angeles, KFI-640, features a morning show with a bombastic host named Bill Handel. As is his wont, he did a biting send-up recently of the Muslim Haaj pilgrimage in which hundreds of pilgrims were crushed to death by one other. As Kathy Shaidle notes, it reminds you of Lourdes and Famita, don't it?

The usual thin-skinned suspects are now demanding retractions, apologies, sufficient grovelling, etc.

KFI is not exactly rolling over and playing dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect KFI to. They've got a rep for having the mouthiest talk-hosts in SoCal.

What I was worried about this morning when I heard Handel's response is the possibility of him getting capped by someone with the correct Islamic length of beard, then having his head hacked off with a Halal knife to the cry of "ALLAH-U AKBAR!"

Just like what happened to that filmmaker in the Netherlands. Might be good for Handel's ratings, but...

12:14 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

He is correct. I didn't hear him say that, but many of us wonder what happens to upstart radio jocks -- especially Jewish ones like Bill Handel -- who won't be mau-maued by thin-skinned Muslim organizations.

But high ratings disappear the day you die.

12:26 PM


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