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Friday, January 13, 2006

Canada: where are you going and how did you get in that handbasket?

Polygamy used to be known as the Loves That Dare Not Speak Their Name.

But since everyone fools around on their spouse anyway, and "gay" "marriage" is all the rage, and swinger's clubs are now open for business with no legal consequences (merci beaucoup, Quebec), hell, why not just legalize polygamy?.

The elite Left in Canada: Adding more KY to the slippery slope so you don't have to.


Anonymous Tony said...

So how does this work? If I'm already married, can I marry someone else? Do I have to marry them both in the same ceremony? Do both of them have to be woman? Do they both have to be the same species?

I'd like to marry my dog in Canada in addition to the wife I'm already married to. (We already all sleep in the same bed :))

8:11 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

To your questions: yes you can marry another if already married. No, you can add new ceremonies per new union. Certainly no need for female spouse. And no longer can we argue too terribly persuasively against inter-species union.

9:00 PM


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