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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Dissident theologians" forgotten but not gone

A has-been is someone who achieved some past level of fame or success, never surpassed it or translated it into more recent success, and so remains stuck in a time-warp. Think Adam West signing autographs on the hood of the Batmobile at a trade show in Toledo.

But this group of "dissent theologians" aren't has-beens. They're never-weres, still trying to make their mark on a world too dumb to appreciate their genius.

Maybe the needed beatification miracle from John Paul the Great will be the conversion of one of these folks.


Anonymous Salvacion said...

Fr. Corapi has a term for them: they're "educated beyond their mental capacity".

1:30 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

He got it from Bishop Sheen, who said almost the exact same thing 40 eyars ago. Do any of these 60s' warm-over radicals actually believe they have some great (or even small) impact? It's very odd.

2:12 PM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

This story reminds me of something I read on the Call to Action Nebraska website in their newsletter archives. Check out the fourth 'challenge' they face!

7:21 AM

Anonymous Michelle K. said...

Midwestmom, that's absolutely hilarious. Best laugh I've had all day. Thanks.

7:12 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

mwm, i couldn't open it...

8:27 PM

Anonymous Michelle K. said...


"We face a number of challenges, including:

We wish we made even more opportunity to gather together in faith and fellowship;
Our three Nebraska dioceses have different needs requiring different responses;
We need to shake loose the feeling that we are a pariah organization; and
We wonder if we scare people away with our intellectualism."

From the CTAN page.

8:17 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

LOL! Of all the reasons to be scared off...
Thanks, Michelle.

8:26 AM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

I knew you'd enjoy that one!

12:14 PM


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