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Friday, December 02, 2005

In Canada, dyke makes right

You may have been following the Kafkaesque "trial" in British Columbia over the lesbian newlyweds who were declined the use of a Knights of Columbus hall for their wedding (sic) reception. The Knights even returned the couple’s deposit and paid for the rental of a new hall and the reprinting of wedding invitations.

Wasn't enough! The ladies ran to the British Columbia Human Rights Commission (can't you just see a naked lightbulb swaying in a smoky interrogation room?) and filed suit. It being adjudicated in Canada, the Knights lost.

Sounds like a total set-up to me. The all-wise, bias-free Panel accepted the gals' claim that they didn't notice the big picture of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the big crucifix on the wall, the gallery of past Knights of Columbus leaders, nor the framed photo of a guy named Pope John Paul II.

The two wymmyn were represented by attorney Barbara Findley. This is a picture of Barbara Findley:

Love the feather, Babs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While, like you, I disagree with the commission's ruling, I think using the term "dyke" is perjorative and is not in line with Church's teaching that everyone should be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. (Yes, I know lesbians use the term amongst themselves, but I'm assuming you're not a lesbian...)


12:51 PM

Anonymous Salvacion said...

I assume Dan is not Canadian. I grew up with this word and it has the same "perjorative" meaning as the word gay.

I can't blame you, Patrick, for being Angry. This is a direct result of Bill C-250 which our MP's (not mine) voted YES to.

I also agree with your observation that this was a set up. What's next? Would they sit in churches during Mass and wait for the priest to say that homosexual act is a sin - and then take the priest to court? We may not wait very long. O Canada!!!

1:24 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Well, Dan, I don't know where to start. You sound like a very good guy, who wants to be a good Catholic. I'm with you there.

The dyke thing may be cultural. It has no where near the force of, say, nigger or kike or spic. The term appears all over gay-friendly literature, is used constantly among many lesbian folk, kinda like "whassup niggah" among some black folk.

My post, nor its title, treat any person with a lack of dignity or respect. Rather, I'm addressing the very disturbing situation in Canada where the homosexualist lobby and its willing political and media allies are winning the war. Talk about the tyranny of relativism. To all this, yes, I am pejorative.

"Dyke makes right" (a play on might makes right) came in a flash and I though it was funny and pithy, which are two qualities you want in a post. Having worked in the theatre as an actor and living as I do in LA, I have no issues with SSA friends. (I can think of one lesbian who would roll her eyes at your concern.)

I think there is a danger of becoming prudish or overly sensitive. St. Paul employed his own brand of tart sacrasm when he needed to. In Gal 5:12, the sacred author -- inspired directly by the Holy Spirit -- expresses the wish that the Judaizers would cut off their own male organs.

Dyke makes right is tame in comparison. Not that I expect you to like my sense of humor (humour in Canada).

Salvcacion: Who is your MP? And don't worry -- the pew scenario you mention lies in the future. Hate speech, dontcha know!

2:25 PM

Anonymous Salvacion said...

My MP is Jim Karygiannis (Scarborough-Agincourt).

8:33 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Ah, the Greeks save us once again.

9:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We prefer to called women in comfortable shoes.

8:00 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

aka sensible shoes, yes. Welcome aboard, anon.

8:29 PM


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