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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When bloggers get small

I'm not sure whether to chuckle or laugh. But I've been ditched. Discarded. Dropped from a blog roll. And so soon in my blogging career.

It seems A. Carlton Sallet at Upper Canada Catholic has deemed me too, er, something, or insufficiently, uh...something to merit a continued presence on his roll.

He writes: Lots of bloggers like to fit themselves into neat little compartments where they can be easily labelled and understood. I can't stand them. And you won't find them (I hope) on my Blogroll!

Oh, dear.

His last swipe: So go ahead: be pro-life and take a run a LifeSite if you have to, or [taking aim at your humble scribe] be a conservative Catholic and oppose a class-action putsch against homosexual clergy.

Inscrutability redux. According to Merriam-Webster, putsch is a German noun that means "a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government." I have read and reread his sentence, trying to force it to make sense. To no avail. (Do I support screening for predominantly gay seminarians in light of, inter alia, the fact that 81% of Scandal victims were teen boys, yes. But "oppose a class-action putsch against homosexual clergy"? Huh? Maybe he meant supported such a purported putsch. I'll never know. But this sample of murky thinking underscores why some of Mr. Sallet's respondents might've become frustrated.

I think my light-hearted suggestion that he be nicknamed Skirt (an homage to his skill at skirting questions, and ignoring contrary evidence) may have something to do with my getting the axe.

I also think it's awfully prissy to grab your toys and run when you run into repeated opposition to a pet advocacy; in this case, gay priests. How small for a professed fan of brass ba**s.

Gay-baiting was a definite trend, as a review of my blog shows: Whenever I posted on something that Carlton feels contradicted the Catechism's injunction against "unjust discrimination" of homosexuals he'd weigh in with objections -- with repeated assurances that he's heterosexual. Out of mercy to my readers, I'll not rehash it. But to crow, "Gay Priests to be Allowed - Time to Toe the Line" -- based on a CBC report (m'hm, that CBC) -- of an unreleased Vatican document?

That's called jumping the shark out into the parking lot.

As I've said a dozen different ways, no blogger has bothered to define "gay" and few admit that the phenomenon is a subtle, complex on that exists along a continuum of severity. I'm as opposed to a blanket "ban" with no qualification or equity as I am of Carlton's wide open-door (closet?) policy. The leaked excerpts appearing last week in Il Giornale, if accurate, sound about right. And far from the rainbow-friendly spin provided by Carlton's trusted Canadian news source.

I'm still keeping Upper Canada Catholic in the Seize the Dei roll. I figure my three regular readers may still -- occasionally coarse innuendos notwithstanding -- find something of interest there.


Blogger TJIC said...

One of your three regular readers (me) just tried to click the link to UCC's blog.

It's broken.

1:23 PM

Anonymous patrick said...

Tjic: How dare you make me look foolish in front of the other two!

I fixed it. Not sure what's up with Blogger. I've had a few hiccups lately Or maybe it's the five-martini lunches. Either way, glad to have you.

1:39 PM

Anonymous Domenic Bettinelli said...

"... with repeated assurances that he's heterosexual ..."

As I've said before, if you keep explicitly telling everyone how straight you are, even when no one's asking ... you ain't. Just like if you keep telling everyone that you're a journalist ...

2:06 PM

Anonymous joe said...

Banned in the UCC!

I think he’s taking it too personal.

BTW: If I’m your second regular reader whose number three?

2:08 PM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

I think it might be me.

2:19 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Ah, my people! My glorrrrious triumverate! Don't even think about taking leave of my orbit. Sniff. Ever.

Hey, Dom: Do you have "Roseberry's" blog site address? I saw the Halifax location on the Froogle thing.

ta ta. (NB: Hope the Melster's doing well these days. Can't wait to call you Daddio.)

2:24 PM

Anonymous joe said...

"I think it might be me."
LOL. Don't blame yourself MM.

I think a "Class action putsch" is when the ACLU and the Nazis get together for a pub crawl.

3:55 PM

Blogger Clayton said...


Just like if you keep telling everyone that you're a journalist ...

What are you implying about Rocco?!

5:01 PM

Blogger Patrick said...


I couldn't help but note that my gentle Canadian taskmaster added Mr. Palmo whilst giving me the Golden Boot Award.

Vewwy intawesting.

5:43 PM

Blogger Dr. Dawg said...

I'm number four. Deal with it. :)

12:14 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Dawg, you have a point.

12:50 PM

Blogger Tito said...

I'm not part of the triumverite + 1, but count me in as one that reads the blog at least once every two-three weeks!

Great blog.

10:54 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Tito: I'm always on the prowl for Seize the Dei patrons, regular or irregular. Grateful you're out there.

11:42 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

As I've said before, if you keep explicitly telling everyone how straight you are, even when no one's asking ... you ain't. Just like if you keep telling everyone that you're a journalist ...

And just like if you keep telling people you're "saved."

1:45 PM


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