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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lucky Blessed Brother Andre is in heaven

I hate the thought of him turning in his grave for eternity.

The Holy Cross Fathers who run the very beautiful Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal showed all the backbone of yesterday's spaghetti by their last-minute ditching of the Canadian National Pro-Life Conference.

Shameful. And a dim echo of "no room at the Inn."

The Montreal police force, not known for hiring wimps, say they could have easily handled any security issues during the event. whom (and why) did these Holy Cross priests cave, exactly?

Makes you wonder if the National Gay and Lesbian Catholic Coalition would get the same barge-pole treatment.

Thankfully, leave it to our separated evangelical brethren to save the day.


Anonymous Joe said...

I have a Brother Andre medal I got from my aunt.

I think his story is one of the most amazing in modern Church history.

It's a shame what's happened to Montreal.

8:29 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Bro. Andre is the best. All my first Sacramenst were by Holy Cross Fathers. The Montreal thing sickens and saddens me.

Did you know Bl Andre and Ven. Solanus Casey once met? They had heard of each other and were introduced. Late 20s I think. Very similar personalities and backgrounds. God has a thing about showing up the wise with the foolish.

9:11 PM

Anonymous joe said...

I didn't know that much about Father Solanus. I looked him up. Very interesting. Neither was considered to have great intellect yet they achieved great holiness. It makes me think "Blessed are the pure of heart."

8:28 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Pure of heart. Very interesting. Great holiness. You see now why I identify with both men.

8:44 AM

Anonymous joe said...

Saint Patrick of Canyon Country,

Your a shining example to us all!

Now I need to go refill my medication.

9:02 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

If I wast there with my servant, thou couldst touch the hem of my garment, and be restored unto health.

But Paxil will do in a pinch. hardyhar.

10:31 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

barge-pole treatment

Agaian, a bad choice of words considering the context.

I could do this all day. It's fun.

Patrick Prescott

1:42 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Easy there, Dr. Freud.

8:20 AM


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