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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Muslim priorities: straight as always

There are a (very) few exceptions, but have you been paying attenton to the Muslim reaction to certain events?

Murdering school kids and women in the name of Islam? Not so bad.

Islamist bombing of discos and fruit markets? Whatever.

Flying 767s into tall buildings? Had it coming, probably.

Slitting the throats of unarmed journalists, while shouting, "Allahu Akhbar!" Yawn.

But facetious cartoons lampooning the violence frequently associated with the religion founded by Muhammad?



Anonymous Shawne said...

You have a point.

(You didn't think I'd just agree with you 100% did you?)
Not all Muslims are terriosts. When I sit and ponder what is going on in the world I try to remember how many non-Muslim religions screwed things up in the name of God... the Inquisition for example. Jim Jones or the Branch Davidians. What about the people who don't "believe in" medical intervention for survival because of some misguided interpretation of a biblical scripture.

One thing that remains constant throughout history is religious persecution. We hate the “Jews” or the “Catholics” or the “Muslims” or the “Atheists” because they are wrong and bad. All of them, across the board, as a rule.

Many times in your blog your offended as a Catholic, granted you don’t start rioting and your anger doesn’t have a body count. But if you were raised and lived in a society where this was normal, if your culture allowed this… if every stinken day of your miserable life all you had was scraps of an existence and faith in God wouldn’t you defend God to the death?

I don’t know. But to disrespect someone in words or print is hate speech. Anyone in anyway, ever. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all… That’s what I was taught.

We have choices. When you grow up in a place where religion is the law you don’t. Just try to put it in perspective… the cartoon didn’t just “insult terriosts” it was a direct attack on millions of people, entire countries, thousands of years of culture, their way of life, their religion, their government – everything. To us it was freedom of press but even freedom of speech has limits in our country.

To be fair, the “when in Rome do as the Romans do” rule would apply here. Muslims living outside a Muslim country need to accept the land of the law or work within it to change it or move.

Complicated issue. Thank you for helping me to examine it closer. Very cool I actually had a good time going over all these thoughts, interesting.

9:10 PM


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