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Thursday, July 13, 2006

When abortionists repent, convert and unite

Satan is clever, God is a genius.

Now doctors who quit killing babies for a living can find support and encouragement in The Centurion Society.

Hat tip to ole Quintero for tracking this down.


Blogger Jersey McJones said...

I think, personally, and I mean this, the anti-choice crowd is scared to death of the MAP (Plan B - Morning After Pill) because if this medication becomes mainstream and easily available, abortion, as an issue, will cease to exist.

1: The numbers of these “abortions” will become impossible to track (which, ironically, always worked in the anti-choice arguments, as there was no way to show what the numbers were prior to RvW because people kept quiet).

2: The alleged detrimental psychological effects will be negated (women won’t ever know if they were even ever pregnant or not).

3: The stigmatizing of abortion providers, pro-choice politicians, and patients will be gone (no target enemy/victim to unite the anti-choice constituency).

4: It's no more "abortion" than taking the Pill regularly. So, to argue that Plan B should not be available is exactly to argue that the Pill should not be available. I wonder how many women (and men) would be okay with that?

I’m tellin’ ya’ - this will be the end of the issue of abortion.

Good riddance.


7:55 PM


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