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Monday, May 01, 2006

The up-side to a day without illegal aliens

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (R, but you knew that) vividly describes what would happen if every illegal had stayed home on May 1.

Not so bad; not so bad.


Anonymous midwestmom said...

My representative, Congressman Steve King of Iowa, is also saying this stuff. He was on the Savage Nation last night and Savage urged him to run for Prez.

Then Savage said something that I thought was interesting. He suspects that the outbreak of mumps cases in Iowa is due to the immigrant population. My own county has the highest reported number of cases and the county seat has three packing plants. My guess is that the population of that town has increased by at least thirty percent in the last several years, all hispanics. Makes you wonder.

6:28 AM

Blogger Patrick said...


7:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday, May 1, 2006, was the first time in years I was able to drive the freeway to work. No parking lot. Morning & evening commutes took only half the time they normally do, and I didn't need to zigzag down surface streets finding one that wasn't parking lot with overflow from the freeway/parking lot.

(For those of you who know LA geography, my route is between central Anaheim and El Toro; I-5 is almost a straight line between the two, but normally impassible. Yesterday the only congestion was at the 5/55 Interchange in Tustin, an old choke point.)

On the way home, I was listening to KFI 640 AM, home of the mouthiest drive-time talk show in SoCal. Caller after caller was calling in with reports of clear freeways, easy shopping (with the PA announcements in ENGLISH!), and school classes where Anglo kids could actually learn/accomplish something and actually understand the teacher.

12:53 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Double bingo.

3:47 PM

Anonymous juddandmaggiefan said...

Thanks for posting this, Patrick.

5:02 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

My pleasure, although it pains me, too.

12:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It seems that in the wrestling of arms, your conservatism, worn on the sleeve of the right arm, is winning.

A little xenophobic this site, unless it is meant to be satirical, in which case you should state such.


7:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It appears your ability to sense satire is quite weak, not to mention your understanding of xenophobia.

8:14 PM

Anonymous joe said...

btw. That was me.

10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


The ad hominem nature of your eruction, not to mention the utter lack of anything supporting your burp, is telling. Give me an address and I will send you a dictionary.

10:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope that you have the maturity and prudence not to sustain this.

My point remains the same. There is nothing about this site that is Catholic; it is not theological, liturgical, compassionate, contemplative, or reflective. The author may be an occasional Catholic, but it is not influencing his writing or choice of content. This is simply reinforced by your own puerile comments that dot this site.

It is a cute little right wing screed.

It should simply be presented as such.

11:10 AM

Anonymous joe said...


I'm busy right now but I will get back to you.

7:28 PM

Anonymous joe said...

LOL! Very good Jess.

It's not often my gastrological functions become internet fare (I’m the one who is puerile?)

10:31 PM

Blogger Patrick said...


Please show me where in Catholic teaching one can find support for breaking legitimate and reasonable laws, like, say, laws concerning a sovereign nation's borders, especially a nation at war.

You do not know me, yet you feel free to call me a merely "occasional Catholic" and accuse me of xenophobia, etc. (I am shocked -- shocked -- to find such a delicate Catholic conscience being so nasty and judgmental.) My mixed race children, my Latina wife, our mullato flowergirl, my many Filipino, Vietnamese, Asian, Caribbean, or Porgugese students -- not to mention my African-American next-door neighbours -- would get a rise out of your little dig.

Not only do I have no problem with immigrants or folks with other skin colors, I thrill to the history
of the welcoming of immigrants such as myself into this great country.

The fact that you can only see the ILLEGAL ALIEN problem -- and it is massive -- through the typical lens of kneejerk name calling, says everything I need to know about your level of engagement. Sad. Oh, you forgot to call me a racist.

In all charity, if you can't come up with real arguments, either grow up or find a more palatable blog.

3:44 PM

Anonymous joe said...

In fairness to Jess, he probably is not aware of what xenophobia means (Nazism, KKK, ect.). He has probably bought into the liberal canard that anyone who is for sane border policy is xenophobic.
It’s quite amusing to imagine that you would be contemptuous of foreigners since you are an immigrant and married to a woman whose culture is very different from your own. Perhaps you are some sort of self-loathing immigrant (ha ha!).

9:52 AM


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