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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some outsiders are insiders

While many Catholics refuse, or are unable, to see why contraception is evil and ultimately destructive to humanity, good pagans often see what's at stake very clearly:

Before the advent of the birth-control pill, sex and procreation had been eternally, inseparably linked. After it, the link was pretty much optional. Momentous things ensued: chiefly women's liberation and the abortion controversy, all of them arguably the pill's indirect consequences, all of them reverberating to this day.


Anonymous justine said...

This disturbs me on so many levels. I don't think it is unethical, but I fear for my children (will there be background checks before prescribing to sexual predators?) and how many marriages will be saved, as the article claims, versus those that will be destroyed by removing the need for communication, love, forgiveness, etc.? Now it will be even easier for spouses to simply use eachother for sexual pleasure. Oh well, I guess we just have some more evangelizing to do.

5:14 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Now I feel so *used.*


Actually, you've hit on it, J -- what about so-called date rape and sexual assualt generally? Does anyone think this will do anything but push up the sale of contraceptives, and help cause, as a result, more abortions?

And what about porn addiction and other related compulsions? If our culture was made happy by sex, we'd be the world's happiest, with very low suicide/depression/divorce rates....

Our culture worships pleasure and "recreation." We don't get it that some pleasures can kill you, and some pains can save your life.

10:34 AM


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