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Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll: The Baghdad Syndrome?

You know of the Stockholm Syndrome, that powerful, baffling psychological phenomenon whereby hostages begin strongly sympathizing with their captors' agenda.

Released captive Jill Carroll shows every sign of being similarly smitten.

Last month, the poor woman was on Al Zajeera, sobbing like a mental patient for her life, wearing what looked like a demin shirt and Western civvies.

This month, she sings the praises of the nice mujahedeen gentlemen who threatened her life on global TV, and sports traditional Muslim garb -- a sort of ersatz girlfriend of John Walker Lindh.

Of course I'm happy she's free, and I'm certainly not judging her. God knows she endured a life-altering trauma.

I'm just not buying the I [HEART] Mujahedeens line.


Blogger This Girl said...

Or... she could be trying to show that despite her capture and near death, she doesn't hate the people group her kidnappers belong to. And despite how well adjusted most Americans are, you have to know someone wants to take their shotgun into Baghdad and blow up the sumbitch that kitnapped that gurl.

I'd wear a I heart mujahedeens shirt to keep that from happening.

12:45 PM

Blogger This Girl said...

another take on the same story.

1:39 AM


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