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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Bush's fault. Whatever it happens to be.

It seems President Bush is to blame for the non-boom in the porn industry.

What you have to understand is that, if there was a boom in the same industry, Bush would be blamed for creating a Puritanical populace that must seek its real sexual needs furtively and unhealthily, via brown paper bags.

Blinding Bush hatred isn't some invention of the far Right. It's a real as blinding Clinton Love.


Blogger TJIC said...

The link is somewhat circular...

8:46 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks, tjic. Fixed it.

9:30 AM

Anonymous billybayman said...


I'm wondering if you know of someone who looks like Fulton Sheen?

George Bush was recently seen clubbing seals off the coast of Newfieland. He was singing, "Ise da boy dat builds da boat, I'se da boy dat sails her"

He was also reportedly seen in a pub with Ashley waisiname (the fiddler diddler from cape breton) Sources say Bush had three beers and starting singing "Farewell to nova scotia" The whole pub joined in! Ashley's fiddling turned the whole crowd into a wild frenzy. Eventually the mounties were called in! You know what Bush did to help? Nothing thats what! He instigated the whole thing by his soulful rendition of "Farewell to nova scotia"

Whats this world coming too?

1:12 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Dear WIlliam Bay Man:

I, in fact, look like Fulton Sheen.

No kidding.

Please advise on what to do next.

4:41 PM

Anonymous billybayman said...

We need to make a movie about his life.
It can be a spiritual combat style movie where His thoughts and prayers destroy demons.
We could also have fiction scenes of what He would say IF HE WAS ON EARTH INSTEAD OF HEAVEN in the present time.

You may be the actor we need Many years ago I met a fella who looked just like sheen. He was a singer as well. Do you sing. I didn't know what happened to this sheen look alike guy.

Anyway I got ordained and some people said, "You sound like Fulton Sheen" "He's outdated man, get with the times" "C'mon man we've evolved" I don't look like Sheen but I could be his voice and you could be his face.

Maybe I'm dreaming, I don't know.

God bless newfoundland
God bless Canada
God bless America

6:46 PM

Blogger Patrick said...


The fog is clearing, ever-so-slightly. I see Redemptorists...I see a sign's painted all Halloween-like....I read "Abandon all Hope Ye Who Enter Here...I see a man ordering Fee & Chee....I see a Roman collar.

Am I close......? Please advise. Or gimme another clue.

7:11 PM

Anonymous Fr.Billybayman said...

"How can it be that you my God would die for me?"

Yes the good old days.
Going to much music studios. Coffee in the big city.

Yes my friend life is wonderful and God is good

7:37 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Where are you now? Gimme your number, padre de las cuidades.

8:11 PM

Anonymous fr billybayman said...

check you email

8:36 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Sorry - I had to change it. Try again.

9:47 AM

Anonymous fr billybayman said...

I sent you a new one

11:49 AM


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