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Monday, April 24, 2006

Mick Jagger tops self in relevancy bid

Did you hear? Mick Jagger's really stuck it to the man this time.

President Bush must be devasted by this setback.

Mick takes a swipe at Bush, 59, on the latest Stones album A Bigger Bang, savaging his Iraq War policy.

Savaging, even.


Blogger J0kerr said...

Doesn't surprise me...its usally the ones living in another world that take shots at the President.

12:08 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

If you're saying Mr. Jagger is less than brave and noble....I'm, I'm shocked.

12:39 PM

Anonymous Come dance in the feilds said...

Mick is living the dream man, He's got it all. He's a hero of peace, What an icon.

Neil Young is also sacrificing his talent to speak out against bush and sing about peace.

Osama loves the music and has said, "because of peacefull infidels like Mick and Neil I call on all to lay down their weapons we can all live together." Cat Stevens called us to "come on the peace train"
These talented men have done more than anyone can imgagine. "Imagine there's no heaven it's easy if you try,,, imagine all the people living life in peace yoooohooo ooo oooh."

I'm writing a new song for peace,,,,,,

"Hey young man with the bombs round your chest all we want is peace and love, don't blow me up just listen to my song,,, peace and love,,,, boom"

I'm so thankful Mick and Neil are revealing the truth about the need for peace. They are very brave.

The next time someone threatens my family I will sing them a song.

8:58 PM

Blogger This Girl said...

But savaging is the only way Mick sings...

12:27 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Come dance: I'm wiping the copious tears that have gushed from myeyes. You're SO RIGHT.

This girl: You just don't understand Real Genuis (TM).

10:55 AM

Anonymous midwestmom said...

"peace and love,,,, boom"


2:06 PM

Blogger Patrick said...


So good to see you again,,,,boom.

3:35 PM


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