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Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh, great

So Dan Brown has prevailed after all in British High Court.

A judge decided today that The Da Vinci Code didn't steal its central them from an earlier, even dumber, 1982 book.

Heavy sigh.

Talk about a boon to an already eagerly anticipated movie opening in May. Special thanks to Tom Hanks and Ron Howard for making it yet harder to be an orthodox Catholic in America.


Blogger winston7000 said...

Maybe, as orthodox Catholics, we should thank those procurers of b...s..., Hanks and Howard, for making a film out of the DaVinci Code. If we are orthodox Catholics and have the salt of the Lord then this should make us even stronger in our faith and able to rebut any of the free floating fallacies that accumulate in our daily press.

Sure, it makes life harder...but no pain, no gain!

God bless you and a Blessed Easter.

John Hetman
Niles, IL

5:39 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

True, John. There may be some unforeseen up-sides. It would be nice is there were more Catholics like you who are equipped to expain the book/movie's errors. Most are at a loss.

11:25 AM


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