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Thursday, April 13, 2006

This looks good...

Starting on Easter Sunday, the A&E Network is set to air a five-part documentary titled God Or the Girl. It tracks four seminarians who are at cross roads in their discernment. Think Hoop Dreams in a seminary.

I'm as jaded as the next orthodox Catholic about how the Church gets treated in the media, especially by nitwit documentarians. When I heard about God Or the Girl, the title made me grateful that they probably weren't going to drag in (pardon the metaphor) a token gay seminarian, but I was still suspicious that the other shoe would drop and they'd include a Richard McBrien clone. They always do.

Not this time.

I got an email today from one of the marketers of the show named Brian Walsh, so I called him back and he confirmed everything on the website: God Or the Girl portrays the Church very positively. It's gotten great buzz from many quarters, inclduing secular. For instance, from

The most impressive thing about God or the Girl is its refusal to treat its subjects as weird: None of the guys embodies straight-arrow stereotypes, and Catholicism is neither swaddled in sentiment nor portrayed as an iron-fisted cult. What ultimately emerges is a series that pulls off the impressive trick of celebrating religion without making nonbelievers feel like jerks.—Andrew Johnston


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