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Monday, August 07, 2006

Peter Kreeft surfs, therefore he is.

Last Friday I joined the ranks of the few, the proud: those who have surfed with philosopher, writer, and raconteur Peter Kreeft of Boston College.

The good doctor was in LA to keynote the closing gala for Act One: Writing for Hollywood, of which I'm an alumnus. I heard he was arriving a day early and offered to to play Jeeves to his VIP. To say the loeast, I'm glad I did. The waves at El Porto beach were a blast, but nowhere near as enjoyable as just spending time with one of my intellectual and spiritual mentors.

His book Love is Stronger than Death is the only book I've ever read cover-to-cover and then just had to re-read immediately. It was a true salve for my soul a few months ago when we first got the misdiagnosis (!) of Naomi. Buy the book. It's typically Kreeftian: simultaneously light and heavy, personal and profound.

In person, he's hilarious in a dry, almost British way, with a rapier-like wit -- all overlaid with kindness and humility. His talk to budding Hollywood writers went over big, too; I'll post the text when it comes available.


Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Consider me jealous.

7:20 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Avoid slipping into envy, though! It was a great grace, I must say, and totally unmerited.

9:45 AM

Blogger Brother Lesser said...

I had the pleasure of listening to him speak at one of the Stubie Conferences a few years ago: MAGNIFICENT!

2:36 PM

Anonymous joe said...

Hey Pally,

Thanks for zip!

I could've met you and the master at Musso & Frank's for a sublime gin martini.

On second thought, wise choice.

N.B.: Precisely who's Jeeves and who's Wooster?

6:02 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

PJ Wodehouse butler and master characters.

11:20 AM

Anonymous joe said...

I meant to imply that if you’re Jeeves that would have to make Peter Kreeft the dim-witted Bertie Wooster. That makes a false metaphor if ever there was one.

12:38 PM

Anonymous joe said...

An accurate metaphor would be you're Jeeves and I’m Wooster.

12:52 PM

Anonymous Joe said...

False metaphor should be false analogy.

BTW, It's P.G. Wodehouse

3:08 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Yes, it is PG. But, IMHO, the name Jeeves transcends its original literary context to denote any butler-type person or role, ie, the search engine Ask Jeeves depicts your classic English butler "who's at your service." Many skits and jokes emplythe name to refer to the butler.

Okay???? lol.

Gawd, you com box interlopers canbe picky picky picky!

3:55 PM


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