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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pray for the Peruvians

My Peruvian-born wife was talking to her dad last night on the phone when he told her that his house had started to shake from yet another aftershock -- and he lives in Lima, 100 miles from the ongoing epicentre of the earthquake in Pisco in the Ika region to the south.

Entire towns have been wiped out, with lifeless bodies stacked on the streets in Ica because destroyed hospitals could not take in victims. Looting and disease have already started to follow.

Most of the dead were worshippers who had packed 17th century adobe-built churches to celebrate the Assumption of Mary.

I'm sure the Church's enemies, and unbelievers generally, will point at this as proof that God is either non-existent or a sadistic fool.

One thing an event like is, is inscrutable.


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