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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disney: Nice movies, dumb logic

Hey, wait a minute. Whenever a kid gets injured mimicking something he saw in a movie, don't liberals (who typically fear censorship more than they do nuclear war) immediately jump up and make the sharpest possible distinction between "art" and "real life"?

Then why is Disney removing all smoking from its movies?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because Smoking is the Unpardonable Sin, that's why.

And Militant Anti-Smoking has become the State Religion out here in CA. All your other sins are totally and instantly absolved if you are militantly anti-smoking. And you get to be soooooo righteous -- as righteous as a five-martini-lunch alky who just discovered his kid's pot stash.

5:17 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

You're right, anon. I was getting at a slightly different point, though: the double-standard when it comes to belief in how movies influence actual behavior of consumers.

In reality, smoking holds a limited a appeal to a limited number of people. Contrast this with sex, which has a (koff koff) rather great appeal to an unlimited number of people. Yet aren't we told we can't censor the True Artists, nor can we prove that teens (or anyone else) who watch a movie with sexual content will be influenced to act out what they see?

By refusing to depict characters smoking, Disney is revealing that they DO believe movie consumption can influence real behavior.

1:29 PM


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