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Monday, January 22, 2007

Lovely poem about Naomi

A budding Canadian poet named Erin McNulty, age 14, penned a sweet poem/reflection upon learning about our loss of Naomi. When I was 14, I could barely pick my nose! It might help to know that I'm known in my hometown of Halifax as P.D. (for Pat David --- long story).

Erin's poem is a beautiful example of the little-but-large impact Naomi has had, and continues to have, on us who remain here below.

Naomi Rose

"I'd never thought
I'd be walking through this valley,
having to choose
the hour of
my daughter's death."

As I heard P.D.'s words,
being read aloud by my mom,
I felt tears prick my large brown eyes.

How could he have done that?
Put emotions into words,
and almost make me start to cry?

Why is Naomi dead?
She deserves a chance at life,
why has God taken her away?

But now she's an angel,
watching over all of us,
keeping us out of harm's way.

I find myself thinking,
all about that little girl,
even though she lives a million miles away.

But I was touched by her,
by that beautiful baby,
and the love that I feel will stay.

Thank you, Erin!


Blogger justine said...

Truly lovely poem. It combines a little bit of Patrick, Erin, and Naomi, and even myself as I read it. Keep up the writing, young poet!

9:49 AM

Blogger ~m2~ said...

Again, I am compelled to comment (you better start writing more or I will simply hound you every other thread...)

I just read your archives because I wanted to know who Naomi was. I am so tremendously sorry for your loss; I can only imagine what this journey has meant for you and your family and as an OB Tech, I have witnessed the births of many babies who were born into serious medical issues.

What a brave and noble thing you did for your daughter. May God be with you all, and bless you in your journey.

pax Christi,

6:40 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks Penni! Great to have you. Yes, I must post more often. I don't mind the hounding -- I need it. I'm going to be setting up with another host soon. Blogger is too annoying in its "upgraded beta mode." The glitches I'm getting are too much.

Come around any time and thanks for the kind words. OB Tech -- you must have seen it all.

3:58 PM


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