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Saturday, March 21, 2009


That's better. The long post was beginning to vex me, all sitting there and un-replied to.


Blogger laura said...

Now here's a topic upon which I can comment: NEITHER here NOR there.

7:41 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Uh, yes. Exactly.

10:08 AM

Blogger jammer said...

Dear Patrick,

I think it is time for a new post. Some fresh Patrick Coffin wit, if you will.


10:26 AM

Blogger 炫風 said...

不要讓挫敗把你擺平,再給自己一個機會,從新再出發 ....................................................

9:53 PM

Blogger 天台 said...


7:36 AM

Blogger quixotic said...


where oh where can the book be bought?

where oh where is the button where one press to buy the book?

where oh where is the link to buy the book at


for its not there.

*peter kreeft rocks!!!*

ahem - you book too if peter kreeft wrote so highly of it!!!!

and you too! enjoyed your time on air with tim staples switching seats!

5:26 PM

Blogger michael said...

Hi Patrick:
Yesterday on Catholic Answers you and your guest (on the apparitions of Fatima) dismissed a caller's question about whether one should "follow an unapproved apparition." Your answer and that of your host was a smug, resounding "No!" This is curious because in your show you related how wonderful it must have been to witness the miracle of the sun, and your guest, an expert on Fatima, discussed the incredible miracle that took place there, how everyone was drenched and dirty with mud, etc., etc. but were all dried and made clean by the miracle. So my question is: how can you both praise those who were present at Fatima (before it was an approved apparition) and condemn those who follow unapproved apparitions? You can't have it both ways, Patrick. Either condemn the folks who were present at the miracle of the sun at Fatima or praise those who follow unapproved apparitions. Feel free to explain yourself to me in a private email.

Michael Seaman

10:36 AM

Blogger michael said...

Just so the folks know, it's been about six months and I never did hear from Patrick Coffin on my comment. I guess he agrees that he made a big mistake on that show. Patrick, your pre-formed conclusions on Medj. are off. I'd be happy to debate this with you on your website but I guess you would prefer not to debate me.

3:31 PM

Blogger quixotic said...

i think its not that he did not reply on purpose...
think he is busy and have not check this blog.
erm.. tried his work email?

7:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it very amusing your site does not allow comments. Hmm... good way to shut the other side up and be listened to

8:15 PM


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