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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All me, all the time!

I have been asked to guest host Catholic Answers LIVE radio show in San Diego again. Halleluuuia -- I really enjoy doing it. Seize the Dei readers can become listeners to your humble scribe by going to, and clicking on Radio, then on Listen Live. The Catholic Answers site also has a listing of terrestrial radio stations in the US and Canada where the show can be enjoyed, via the EWTN global radio network.

Call in and join the cornucopia o' radio enlightenment, education and entertainment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be in hell.

Congrats Pat! They couldn't have made a better choice. I must confess to not being a CA radio listener, but that is now going to change.
God Bless you and the fam,

9:03 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Hell? Not purgatory?

Hope you become a regular listener, TQE. Call in any time!

10:48 AM

Blogger Maureen Robbins said...

Hi Patrick,
I just came across your blog cause I wanted to learn more about you. I have been listening to you on Catholic Answers and I love the show. I also love your sense of humor!!! Wow I am so glad to learn more bout you. Sooooo sorry to read the story about your precious baby girl. You have so much faith...God Bless You!

12:49 PM


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