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Sunday, November 30, 2008

These little quirks of mine

The incomparable Justine (see my blog roll) hath memed me and I shall meme others. Here are six quirks I call my own. And no one can take them away.

1. I have what I'm pretty sure is minor OCD. It appears as a slight "hitch" motion in my shoulder as I walk, mainly the left shoulder. Since my time began on earth, I have always felt that my shirt/pajamas/suit/sweaters are not quite fitting right and I have to keep adjusting. Never gets adjusted properly, which is ...why IT'S A DISORDER.

2. Very often (to the irritation of those near me) I will notice multiple resemblances in individual people I see in the street. As in, "What is Ronald Reagan and the guy who cleans our building doing here?" Or, "I didn't know Elmer Fudd and Uncle Rick were at this movie." Sometimes I'll see a three-fer: "Who knew that my ex-girlfriend and Sarah Brightman and Marisa Tomei ate at this restaurant?"

3. I have a have habit of asking absurd What If questions. What if the lector at Mass paused far too long after introducing the Reading and actually starting it, and meanwhile did a weird face -- just for a flash of a second -- would anyone notice? Would he be reprimanded by the pastor? Or what if I shouted "ecky thump!" while standing in the bank line up? (Just once -- and then remain silent as if I'd said nothing.) Or what if I slipped an obscenity into my answers while doing a telephone survey? That sorta thing.

4. I love fixing, repairing and/or beautifying clothing items passed the point where other mortals just buy another one. On any given day I'll be polishing shoes, cleaning and shining my watch, or my daughter's boots, or even cutlery that looks drab.

5. I can't read just one book at a time. I need at least three on the go: one for the W.C.; one for lunch break at work, and one for latenight reading. Maybe it's the ADHD hyperfocus part of my soul.

6. My vexation at gross grammatical errors leads me to correct others when I should probably consider chilling out. If we're talking and you say, "irregardless," or "sangwhich," or "for all intensive purposes" or "it's ironic" when you mean "coincidental," I am happy to be of help!


Blogger Justine said...

Bravo, Patrick! I promise not to annoy you again for at least a good six months.

I'd think you were really weird, except that we share quirks #3 and 5.

12:53 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Actually it was fun. Only three and five?


12:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i haven't had a chance to check your site in a while, but besides "sangwich", what's wrong with the others? Please enlighten me, the former English major who didn't stand a chance to folks like you!!! Diana

3:55 PM


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