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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saintly priest, cowardly diocesan administrator?

Father Jay Scott Newman of South Carolina sounds like a very brave and humble priest. His higher-ups in the Diocese sound like craven wussies.

But I think what Father Newman wrote was wrong. No priest has magical apparatus enabling him to tell if a parishioner voted for Obama will full knowledge of his abortion views. Mortal sin requires at least that, along with full consent of the will. As co-founder of MPASS, the Most People Are Stupid Society, I can tell you that most people, let's face it, are stupid.

Is that uncharitable? Well, for a Catholic to vote for Barack Obama with knowledge of his extreme stance on abortion is either evil or stupid. Charity bids me say he is stupid.

For proof, go here.

Thumbs up for the humility and graciousness (and guts) of this man, Father Newman. Thumbs down for the obligatory wrist slap by this administrator for "dragging the Church into partisan politics" blah yadda.

Oh, dear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do I go to join MPASS? I want a membership card and maybe a cap and some neat buttons. Speaking of, have you heard Sal in Harlem ?


6:32 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

I love that clip. Say what you want about Howard Stern. The guy puts together some amazing stuff in this bit. I'll try and post it.

Thanks, MCE.


8:39 PM


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