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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gentle gays quietly explain their position

I don't know why they give themselves an icky name like Bash Back.


And Christians are the haters, eh?

Ever wonder why they don't do this inside Roman Catholic churches?

Can you imagine the media reaction if Christians pulled a stunt like this during, oh, I don't know, say a meeting of homosexual activists?

Why don't more gays protest ugly incivilities like this? To that degree, they're like Muslims who are mute in the face of their co-religionists' terrorists attacks.


Anonymous Mike said...


These charming young activists are part of the Rosie O'Donnell school of homosexual thought. You know, the loud obnoxious, irritating kind.

This is not to be confused with the Ellen Degeneres school of homosexual thought. The cute, soft spoken, lesbian-that-you'd-settle-down-and-raise-a-family-with-if-she-only-liked-men" kind. You know, the kind of gays that

It's kinda like comparing an abortion-clinic shooter to the kind who hold up signs and pray and stuff.

7:53 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Perhaps, but my point was, why don't the softer Ellen types ever stand up and repudiate this kind of jackbooted fascism?

7:43 AM

Anonymous Mike said...

Agreed. There's a comes a point when protesting is no longer protesting, it's just distasteful.

4:24 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

I can't stand the whole hate crime philosophy (ever see a loving crime?) but if we're going to have hate crime laws, why weren't these thugs arrested for (at least) trespassing?

Absurdly inconsistent.

12:06 PM

Anonymous Mike said...

Likely because hate crimes are limited to criminal offenses. Trespassing is considered a misdemeanor in the US, so couldn't be a hate crime.

That being said, they still should have been charged with trespassing if they refused to leave.

7:32 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Not all trespasses are misdemeanors; some are felony if involving additional factors. Either way, one may be arrested and carted away even if the charge is not ultimately a felony.

Anyway, my point with the post was thuggish behavior when done by homosexualists is treated with kid gloves. If Christians did the same thing in "protest" of the gay agenda at a gathering of homosexual activists, you can be sure the hammer of the law would come down with a much more palpable force. Not to mention the outrage it would generate in the MSM.

And BTW I wouldn't support Christians doing anything like this either.

3:54 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

"Hate crimes" legislation is political correctness writ legal sphere, total BS.

3:55 PM

Anonymous Mike said...

We're in total agreement (for a change) in regards to the manner in which these protesters were dealt with - they should have been asked to leave and when they refused they should have been forced out by the police. If the police then encountered any resistance, they should have been arrested and charged in as many ways as possible.

I don't know how trespassing enforcement differs in the United States, but in Canada it's quite lax. I worked for six years in private security and investigations, and have rarely seen the police act as authoritatively as they should in such matters.

Would you support a hate crime charge in the case of a gay rights protester who barged into a church and stabbed the first person who would admit to voting Yes against Prop 8?

3:51 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

To your question, of course not. A charge of murder one would do just nicely. Period. I'm waiting to see a love crime.

Our apt. complex had to suffer through a crazy schizophrenic off his meds in our neighbourhood who would do these outrageous things. The last straw was midnight a binge of graffiti spraypainting. The Sheriff told us bluntly that the only reason they were allowed to prosecute was because part of the guy's graffiti art included a swastika. The presence of THAT symbol upped the degree of legal severity to a hate crime under CA law.

Give me a break. Hate crimes are assessed and determined according to the PC designation of the victim. What -- do police, lawyers and judges have magical mental machinery that enables them to "see" the "hate" involved in the crime?

Absolute BS.

4:35 PM


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