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Friday, November 14, 2008

The O-Team

Comedy gold, gilded with platinum conservativism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an occasional lurker at your blog my stream of semi-consciousness led me here today... California fires, the Sayre fire, Santa Clarita... oh that's where Patrick, Mariella, et enfants live!

How are you?

I'm wondering what your thinking about our President-elect ;-) (or, as some say, the most recent candidate for anti-christ)?

I'm thinking that on January 20th we should all don a Black Mourning Armband.

Whadya think?

regards, and I'll call soon to catch up.


4:42 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Hey MCE:

I think you meant African-American Armband, RACist.

There are actually two fires making their way toward us -- the north edge of the Sayres fire and a new one. Scary.

Yes, Obama = dress rehearsal for the Man of Sin to come. No doubt.

The MSM will not "turn on him" and do their jobs any time soon. The Obamassiah is too Big and Important cover negatively....

6:33 PM


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