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Monday, October 03, 2005

As Dylan sang, "lay lay, LA."

Clayton Emmer over at Weight of Glory sheds some light on the latest bit of inscrutable dreck from Roger Cardinal Mahoney.

His latest wunnderful, pastoral luv letter is titled As One Who Serves (can we get any more pompous, Your Eminence?). Set forth in typically flowery libspeak, it's essentially a game plan for priestless Sundays that is not, repeat NOT, a stop-gap to deal with the trickle of vocations that is simultaneously also a stop-gap to deal with the trickle of vocations. Sorry, only a Jesuit can understand.

As Robert Shaw said to Paul Newman in The Sting, "Ya follow?"

Clayton, I think the term Reign of God is just the Cardinal's little way of avoiding any hint of masculine terminology (as opposed to the more scriptural Kingdom of God.)


Blogger Clayton said...

Ah, now I get it. Replace the tyranny of kingship with the tyranny of socialism. Very clever. What's next? Will the liturgical year in LA eventually end with the Feast of Christ the Comrade?

I guess Mahony is spending the month of October in China on sabbatical. You can imagine where my mind is going with that one...

4:39 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

"You see, Grasshoppah, there are many dots to connect. You have learned well, my son."

Maybe His Emptiness (did I write that?) will visit Communist prison camps to liberate the Catholics who are loyal to Rome.


8:04 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

My parents' parish is now priestless. A once thriving, kick ass solid parish is now without a pastor. Replaced by a lay man and his Protestant wife who occaisonaly offers her thoughts in the parish bulletin. How lovely. My parents used to be one of the couples they invited in for the "pre fundraiser luncheon" to pump them for money because they were regular substantial contributors. My parents no longer put as much as dime in the basket on Sunday. All the money goes to more worthwhile stuff. Apparently the Bish has noticed the huge drop off in tithing. Tithing? What's that? Oh, just something both former pastors used to stress to the point of taking out Canon Law, Vatican II and the Catechism and reciting it to the congregation during their homilies so that everyone, priest and congregation were aware of what their duties were.

The best part is that when the parishoners complained about the new situation the response was that they were "a very strong parish" they could handle it. They were a strong parish because they had strong priestly fathers leading them. The bishop is such a moran. Yeah, I'll say it again. A moron. I hope he enjoys his priestless and parishoner-less parishes. Of course the Mexican/SDpanish language masses are over flowing. See, they're the good, humble, people for which Our Lord has a special preference. It's not condescending to say that either. Really, they are so weak and stupid that they need the Bish to protect them and prmote them and make everything multi-culti and biligual becasue THAT is what is important.

These idiot bishops are not misled. They are not ignorant. They are not misinformed. They are evil Pure and simple. Thousands of suffering souls sitting in the pews waiting to hear something that consoles. Waiting toi hear something that gives them hope and a willingness to carry on. Instead, they get lay "ministers" and nearly dead retired priests dragged out of their well deserved rest and who are now called "priest ministers."

Angry? Hateful? Disgusted? Completely unwilling to even consider ever stepping foot into a church again? Me? Nah, not at all.

The Other Patrick

10:09 PM


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