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Thursday, October 13, 2005

When the MSM gets cognitive dissonance

This story will have the media completely flummoxed. The inner dialogue at the TheGlobeNYTimesChicagoSunLATimesSanFranChronicle machine will go something like this:

"We hate the Catholic Church and love seeing lawsuits hurled at it."

"This guy says a priest did a bad thing to him -- we'll do our part to see he gets the justice denied him by the most evil organized religion on earth!"

"The guy says he's gay. Another layer of victimhood! Yesss!"

"Wait a sec; the guy is saying the bad thing done to him turned into the bad thing of --what is this? -- being gay."

"But we know that Being Gay[TM] is the summum bonum of all human aspirations and the very summit of experiential sweetness and light."

"Does. Not. Compute. Attack or defend? Er. Can't. Seem to..." (Cue the sound of sparks, electrical sputtering and small explosions as the MSM machine chokes on a story pretzel it can't untangle.)


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