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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What I'm reading now

I know my readers care deeply about every aspect of my life, so here is a tidbit to tide you over. Chunk by chunk, I'm reading the following:

America's Bishop: The Life and Times of Fulton J. Sheen by Thomas C. Reeves (definitive biography of one of the great heroes in my life; uncle Fultie is the bomb)

Introduction to Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of Classical Realism by Daniel Sullivan (exceptional summary from Heraclitus to modern philosophy by way of St. Thomas Aquinas)

The 12 Keys to Discipline: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Ronald Morrash (practical tips on disciplining children and the teaching of good habits from a renowned Canadian educator)

Ask the Pilot by Patrick Smith ('s resident pilot-columnist applies his sparkling prose to everything you always wanted to know about flight but had no one to ask)

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kohberg and Kathleen Nadeau, PhD (what can I say except, "Waaaahhh! I need help!)

The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue (my avocation is performing close-up magic)

What's got hold of your eye balls these days?


Blogger TJIC said...


I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and haven't commented yet...and, as it turns out, my first comment is shameless self-promotion.

You mention that you like close-up magic.

In additional to being a culturally conservative libertarian, Catholic, and a blog reader, I also run Technical Video Rental, which rents out instructional videos on tons of "how to" topics.

You might be interested in our (still growing) Stage Magic section. Suggestions for new titles to carry are cheerfully accepted.

11:17 AM

Blogger Patrick said...


Welcome to Seize the Dei. Well, for starters here are my picks: Lennart Green, Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne, Oz Pearlman, Paul Green, Jay Sankey, Gregory Wilson, Michael Ammar.

11:36 AM

Blogger Patrick said...

Daniel Sullivan's book was required reading for HCC types.

I just finished McCollough's John Adams biography. Excellent. Amazing man. Amazing people, those founders.

Next up is "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" (It was published in 2002, but I'm always way behind the curve.)

12:03 PM


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