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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Blog Awards cometh

Now I know how Sally Fields felt! Turns out, Seize the Dei has been nominated for Most Humorous Blog at the 2006 Catholic Blog Awardzapalooza.

Listen, my three loyal readers, I understand voting starts tomorrow. And with your help, I vow to crush my foes and goose-step resolutely onto the dais like Mussolini after a huge bowl of pasta.

As charity requires.


Anonymous justine said...

Hmmm...Patrick, I'm torn. I don't know if you qualify for most humorous. Not that you don't regularly make me laugh out loud, but I think of you more as witty. Humorous sounds like you're mostly silly. But if it'll make you happy, I'll vote.

P.S. This time I'd prefer you wrote a check instead of sending those penny rolls.

4:02 PM

Anonymous joe said...

Cool! What color shirts do we wear? Black or Brown would be de rigueur.

May I suggest your symbol be a hybrid of the maple and marijuana leaves representing both Canada and California?

6:17 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Justine: You're right. I think of Curt Jester (which can be a blast) or just some goofball trying to be the class clown. When, in fact, I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST.

Now I feel like the pressure is on to "be funny" which I have never deliberately tried to be. What the hell, for the sake of an award, I'll play the whore and churn out a thousand josketer posts while voting is going on. Hahahahahahahahahahahaah!!

PS For you....I'll switch to quarter rolls.

Joe: We might, uh, get in trouble with brownshirts. lol.
How about a US flag with a red line though it? The Cali-Canuck connection.

10:19 AM


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