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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brush with fame

A while back I interviewed Douglas Urbanksi, the manager of renowned actor Gary Oldman. The interview was picked up by Spero News.

And then splashed on the front page of Gary's website. See "DU interview."

What I'm saying is, this means (obviously) that we're very close friends. In fact, Gare (I call him Gare or The Garester) is having dinner at my house tonight. As he does often. Like, all the time.


Anonymous joe said...

He was the best in State of Grace.

"Stevie never hurt nobody!"

He made Sean Penn look small.

5:45 PM

Anonymous joe said...

I forgot about Immortal Beloved. That was excellent too.

So does Mr. Oldman help with the clean-up after dinner?

5:51 PM

Anonymous joe said...


Great interview! He gives some very interesting responses and it's clear that he has done some deep contemplation about his faith.

I like this quote,
"But you ask me about orthodox or conservative or liberal. The mainstream media will always put religious or theological matters in earthly, secular language, and will call things liberal or conservative when in fact they have no application. So what happens when this outside-the-Church language comes in, is that Catholics become confused themselves and they start to see options as Catholics that do not exist for Catholics."

I found it interesting that he calls "The Contender" his "Political Rorschach Test.” I recall my own opinion of the film at the time. It was a fascinating look at the exploitation of the political process. However, I felt like it was an apologetic for Clinton and the whole Lewinski affair.

6:48 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Yes, Mr. Oldman cleans up. But he also gets stoned and smashes furniture, so it's a trade-off.

Douglas is a cool cat, but I thought The Contender was a pro-Dem flick, too, despite DU's Rorschach analogy. He himself is very GOP, but sometimes the $tudio shoves crap in to your movie you don't like.

Go rent "True Romance." Great movie.

11:20 AM

Anonymous Domenico Bettinelli said...

Long lost brothers? Patrick Coffin and Gary Oldman? You decide.

6:27 PM

Anonymous justine said...

I thought that WAS a picture of Patrick.
Great interview! So proud of you, man.

2:06 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

You guys are freaking me out. I never saw a resemblance; still not sure I do. On second thought, yes, we're twins separated at birth!

Maybe I should post one of me next to another of Gary. Funny! Or many one of me next to one of Fabio.

2:25 PM


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